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We recommend the Contarini armrest to those who like top quality and desing! The small sibling of the Contarini sofa got its fame for its unique armest shape in our Customers' circles. Its ergonomic form suppports the back, so that You can truly enjoy the provided comfort!

Other features:
Width: 115 cm
Depth(with bakcrest): 85 cm
Foam thickness: 10 cm
Seat height: 42 cm
Seat depth: 83 cm
Backrest height: 70 cm
Seat width: 60 cm

furniture sheets, pine, metal, high density foam sheets, wave spring, wooden and plastic legs

Contarini L corner sofa bed
Contarini L corner sofa bed £2 980

Contarini U-shaped sofa bed
Contarini U-shaped sofa bed £3 980

Contarini footstool
Contarini footstool £159

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