Zanelli L corner sofa bed (OutletL-1682)

Product price £1 199

Size: L (267cm x 224cm)
Lower part: Manila Black (cat.II.)
Upper part: Texas Ash (cat.III.)

Original price: £2401

With its extensive seating area, the gigantic Zanelli sofa has proven that the whole family and guests can comfortably fit on it. The Zanelli is a corner sofa that can be ordered in either left or right-facing design so that it is best suited to the interior design concept. Be the interior designer of your own home! It is a multifunctional furniture, there won't need to worry about where guests sleep as the Zanelli L can be opened as a double bed and its built-in storage is a very practical all year round. Although it is delightfully minimalist your living space gets enriched with an inviting piece of furniture on choosing the Zanelli corner sofa.

Other features:
Foam thickness: 10 cm
Seat height: 40 cm
Seat depth: 80 cm
Backrest height: 65 cm


It comes with foam-filled seating cushion.

It can be converted into a double bed (guest bed function) and comes with built-in storage.

pine, metal, high-density foam

Images are illustrations only. The character of furniture and the number of cushions may vary depending on the size of the furniture.

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