Gandano straight sofa bed (OutletL-1663)

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Size: S (255cm x 93cm)
Whole furniture: Nappa Soft 8 Siena (cat. II.)

Original price: £1438

The Gandano sofa is the perfect blend of comfort and luxury feel and the state of the art Italian minimalist design. The shine of the quality upholstery fills the space with life of which the Gandano sofa can be its royal jewellery with its elegant but still modern lines. 

Other features:
Foam thickness: 10 cm
Seat height: 38 cm
Seat depth: 72 cm
Backrest height: 72 cm


It can be converted into a double bed (guest bed function) and comes with built-in storage.

It comes with zig-zag spring-loaded seating cushion.

pine, metal, high-density foam, zig-zag spring, plastic legs

Images are illustrations only. The character of furniture and the number of cushions may vary depending on the size of the furniture.

Gandano straight sofa bed
Gandano straight sofa bed £1 330 £665

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