Bramante L corner sofa bed

S - 242x198 £2 790
M - 242x221 £2 890
L - 262x221 £2 990
XL - 262x242 £3 090
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Our highly successful Bramante sofa is available in L-shape too from now on! The small sibling's atmosphere is friendly, and the stylish seat provides unique look for the furniture and raises the living room's light. With its pull-out function it can be made into a double bed. Relax comfortable at the end of a long day, and invite guests to your house with pleasure! Offer them a comfortable lying space for the night. Because of its soft, rounded shapes and edges it's ideal for families with children.   

Other features:
Foam thickness: 10 cm
Seat height: 40 cm
Seat depth: 90 cm
Backrest height: 70 cm
Seat length: 202-232 cm

sofa bed, foam seat, right-left orientation

furniture sheets, pine, metal, high density foam sheets, chrome, plastic and wooden legs

Images are illustrations only. The character of furniture and the number of cushions may vary depending on the size of the furniture.

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