Marelli L corner sofa bed

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The Marelli sofa is one of the new, luxuriously sensual pieces of our 2015 collection which proclaims the elegance of the vibrant Italian style. With radiant passion and delicate restraint, it delights the room and becomes the highlight of your living room. On both sides of the L-shape a larger group can be accommodated. The cushions raise the comfort of the sofa and the four headrests make the Marelli an imposing phenomenon. Marelli carries the signs of artistry and uniqueness while offering a warm ambience to your home.

Other features:
Foam thickness: 28 cm
Seat height: 40 cm
Seat depth: 84 cm
Backrest height: 66 cm
Seat length: 276-306 cm


It can be converted into a double bed (guest bed function) and comes with built-in storage.

It comes with zig-zag spring-loaded seating cushion.

It can be ordered with left or right-facing design.

pine, metal,high-density foam, wooden and plastic legs

Images are illustrations only. The character of furniture and the number of cushions may vary depending on the size of the furniture.

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