Minerva L corner sofa bed

S - 260x194 £2 880
M - 270x204 £2 980
L - 280x214 £3 080
XL - 290x224 £3 180
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The Minerva sofa has been named by the customers of our Company. Thank you very much for everyone who participated in the naming! We are proud of the appearance of Minerva L as it oozes a visually soft motion. Depending on the characteristics of your apartment and how your existing furniture is positioned in your living room is it worth considering whether your left or right-facing design is ideal for your corner sofa. Also, do not forget about the space available! Fortunately, the features of British homes are taken into consideration by our designers on designing the four basic dimensions. Of course this sofa can also be ordered in individual sizes. Why is the Minerva L Sofa cool? Because it is actually a multifunctional piece of furniture, not just a corner sofa. Thanks to its bed function you do not have to worry about anymore where and how your guests will spend the night. The built-in storage compartment helps to optimize the space utilization of your home. When the Minerva L Sofa with its right custom fabric combination is placed in its final position you find yourself in an ambience that has always made you go home.

Other features:
Foam thickness: 10 cm
Seat height: 40 cm
Seat depth: 83 cm
Backrest height: 74 cm
Seat length: 220-250 cm


It comes with foam-filled seating cushion.

It can be converted into a double bed and comes with built-in storage.

It can be ordered with left or right-facing design.

pine, metal, high-density foam

Images are illustrations only. The character of furniture and the number of cushions may vary depending on the size of the furniture.

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