Florelli coner sofa

S - 223x157 £2 518 £1 259
M - 243x157 £2 898 £1 449
L - 263x157 £2 938 £1 469
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Left orientation
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£1 393.10

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The Florelli sofa is a remarkably practical piece of our modular sofa collection that can be configurated by your need, moreover, it can be easily converted into a double bed with a mechanical opening device. Therefore your guests can comfortably sleep over any time and this sectional sofa can perfectly suit the family needs. It is characterized by its large seating cushions and narrow frame, besides, it is modern and attractively comfortable at the same time. Choose a fabric to your liking from our huge selection of fabrics so that you can create a truly unique piece of furniture.

Florelli straight sofa
Florelli straight sofa £1 998 £999

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